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Visited in October 2016
Eat Out With Perrie

The Bungo – comfy, classy and eclectically tasty. (Glasgow Southside)

The small plates: Goats cheese parcel, coconut panko prawns, chicken satay skewers and garlic mushrooms were the perfect selection. The goats cheese parcel was a rustic delight served with a fruit chutney which was so smooth with the perfect pastry crunch. The lightly coated juicy prawns came with a red tangy dipping sauce and hinted at the most authentic spices – they failed to disappoint. There was loads of satay sauce for the chicken which also had a barbecued taste. The mushrooms on toast were also a winner and there were loads of them. Overall, the small plates leave you dreaming of them for a long time afterwards. The best dine out experience I’ve had in a while!

The two burgers were also delicious. I loved the rosemary chips – they added an extra touch of flavour to the meal. The burger was also really light and all accompaniments were done with a touch of class rather than just piled on in gut busting portions.

We had to follow up with cocktails. The ‘Mademoiselle Pamplemousse’ is a grapefruit based liqueur drink and is super refreshing! With all fresh ingredients these are extremely elegant long drinks.

The Bungo has to be, currently the best restaurant of the South side just now, in fact, for me it’s my most favourite of all. We went back not even a week later and I’m desperate to go back again – they’ll be sick of the site of me soon. As long as they keep their goats cheese parcels coming I’ll keep visiting!


Visited in September 2016

My Gluten Free Glasgow Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (out of 5)

Knowledge of staff: Brilliant! All the staff are really friendly and knowledgeable, especially the guy who I think is the manager, he really knows his stuff.

Gluten free menu: All gluten free options are clearly marked on the main menu with GFO.

What’s on offer: Loads of amazing options here, for every meal. Bungo do great brunches, as well as having GF starters, mains and deserts if you’re there for lunch or dinner. The houmous, veggie burger and lamb were all delicious. I’m convinced they must have the best GLUTEN FREE ONION RINGS in Glasgow. The burger rolls were so good I asked the waitress what brand they were – I was told they were from a main supplier and mega expensive. Nice that they don’t charge a gluten free supplement.

More info: I was told they have a separate fryer for their gluten free orders – great to know!

Basically… King (or Queen) of the Southside.




The List's Eating & Drinking Guide

2015 edition

Neighbourhood dining is a concept the Southside is growing increasingly comfortable with and few venues have played a bigger part than the Bungo. A relation of the Left Bank and Two Figs, it has created a convivial personality of its own, one where dogs are as welcome as paying customers. A cosy bar area complete with booths and tables and bare brick walls shares a menu with a more refined restaurant area. A number of small plates can either be divvied up or treated as starters, and it would be remiss not to tuck in: beetroot gnocchi is stunning, sweet and full of harmonious textures from pesto, parmesan and salad. Mains include variations of pub grub along with more creative dishes. A chickpea and vegetarian haggis burger is smooth, nutty and smoky, while densely seasoned Goan seafood curry comes in a huge bowl stuffed with mussels, prawns and masala fish. A number of deals and themes throughout the week ensure the place is always bustling with diners and locals enjoying a decent range of beers and cocktails – particularly an awesome Bloody Mary.

High point: Neighbourhood dining doesn't get better
Low point: Bathroom upgrade required
Notable dish: Beetroot gnocchi (small plate)

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The beautiful south

review by: Ron Mackenna for The Herald

Funny thing is, there I was on Sunday. Sitting in Cookie, just up the road, drinking excellent coffee, when my eye was caught by a steady trickle of people passing by. People not normally seen south of the River Clyde without nosebleeds. Yip, that quite-nearly-endangered-species: the loud and proud west ender. Which was odd. What with the great Glasgow divide being what it is, even today. So I wandered down for a look-see and sitting there almost at the bottom of Nithsdale Road, hidden from general view by Portakabins and scaffolding, through smoked-glass windows and full of bustling Facebookers, as it transpired, is a brand new restaurant-cafe-bar thingy.
I didn't go in. But I did Google it. And all of a sudden the mystery was solved. Bungo is an expensive transformation of an old south side pub by the people behind the trendy Left Bank in Glasgow's west end. What I was looking at from the cold of the street was the Facebook soft launch, as these things are called.
Fast forward 24 hours, maybe a little bit longer, and here I am in the now officially open Bungo. All long bar, exposed stone, lovely rough woods on the tables and still with that lingering feeling that most of the customers have been here since that soft launch. There's a bit of gushiness about the place. I can't put my finger on it, but I settle into my seat and watch.
Well? So far I'm kinda ho-hum. It's not like this part of Glasgow needs yet another trendy caff – it probably has the highest concentration of decent ones in the city. Especially now the west end has become, er, shall we say a little, er, rough.
But there is that smell. Curry cooking. No, not the acrid, harsh smell of cumin and coriander, but a deep, delicate and soft tastebud-tickling aroma that takes me back to my dad standing in the tiny kitchen in Oban furiously experimenting with pestle and mortar, tubs of ghee and a note from Mr Singh.
I order lamb badami from the very friendly Dutch waiter guy with a shlight lilt to his acshent. It's delicious. Slow-cooked, full of soft meat with crunchy toasted almonds, cinammony gravy, a marvellous fragrance and a coconut rice on the side that is sweet and savoury and almost a meal in itself.
Around me, plates of big, puffed-up and battered haddock and chips are flying by. In the next booth people are greeting each other like they're Livingstone and Stanley meeting in that far-off foreign land.
The banana and chocolate bread is off, so are a few other things, but it is Day One. The pork rillette is excellent, served with fresh bread, an unctuous, sticky, salty mix of very soft meat and herbs, a sharp baby gem lettuce salad on the side to wash it all away. Better still? The Rajhastani red onion fritters. The first bite is crisp, then a scary uh-oh, bland moment followed by a rush of fresh vegetable flavours and a hit from the garlic tzatziki on the side.
It's an all-over-the-place menu this: a little bit of upmarket breakfast dishes; a Luberon-style beef daube; grilled seabass fillet with a fennel bisque. I try the burger. Great chips. Though why bill them as "twice cooked"? All chips should be twice cooked. The meat is tender, the pickles sharp, and the bun – while not as soft and elastic as it should be – is not bad.
OK, there's a language difficulty with the soft drinks order and try as I do three whole times I simply can't get a bottle of Coke brought to the table and end up with slim glasses, loads of ice and not much to drink.
But it's nothing. Perhaps there are too many aiolis, or they're too salty. I had two. One with green chilli, which added a zero to the flavour. But serious criticisms? None. Even the prices are at south side levels. Very good, then. Actually, make that very, very good indeed.
The Bungo
17-21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow (, 0141 423 0023)
MENU Trendy and therefore a bit of anything they fancy cooking – French slow dishes, Bangladeshi curry, fish and chips, and all-day breakfast. 4/5
ATMOSPHERE Hip 'n' happening. Have a drink at the bar, a meal in the booth or breakfast if you fancy. Looks good. 4/5
SERVICE Grown-up, friendly and efficient though it was the first official night. 5/5
PRICE Just right. Big main course curry glided in at around £12, fish and chips at £8; others are reasonable. 5/5
FOOD Badami curry was sensational and even the burger was far better than most. A bit heavy on the salt but generally excellent. 8/10
TOTAL 26/30

published: Saturday 17 December 2011

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open every day: 10am 'til midnight.

tel: 0141 423 0023

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