national rum day at the bungo

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when it comes to rum, we currently have bacardí, bacardí oakheart and diplomatico reserva on the menu. however, in the spirit of national rum day (sunday 16 august) we are placing the spotlight on bacardí oakheart. the story behind the development and rise of bacardí is truly inspiring – from each generation of the bacardí family to the next they have endeavoured to produce an outstanding and timeless rum.


the story behind bacardí


as you probably know, every bacardí bottle is adorned with their recognisable brand marque – the bacardí bat. it is believed that the bat is a symbol of good fortune so when many fruit bats were spotted in the bacardí family’s distillery it was insisted that the bat became their icon. today we still associate it with the bacardí brand just as people did over 150 years ago.


“some of the people in cuba at that time did not know how to write and read so they had to identify rum by something…” – joaquin e. bacardí – 4th generation bacardí family member


as the revolutionary regime took hold in cuba, the bacardí family lost all of their assets (illegally i may add) and they were forced out of the country. what they didn’t lose was their knowledge and passion. so, it was only a matter of time before they restarted the business elsewhere. bacardí’s secret blend has been passed down through generations and today is held only by the maestros de ron bacardí.


“they can take everything you own but you’ll still have everything you know”.


bacardí’s unique flavour comes down to the isolated strain of yeast identified by don facundo bacardí massó (la levadura bacardí) and the unique filtration process used. bacardí has developed a secret and unique mix  of charcoals using tropical woods and coconut shells which remove unwanted flavour notes and allow the desired flavours to be amplified.


bacardí oakheart


expertly crafted from heavily charred oak barrels giving it a unique, smoky flavour before being filtered through charcoal, and then finished by adding a secret blend of spices.

tasting notes: warm and intense, moody character, vanilla and caramel notes gives this spiced rum a sweet, peppery finish.

bungo bacardí oakheart special


simple but significant. on national rum day, sunday 16 august, we’re adding a delicious spiced daiquiri to the menu. come and enjoy for £6.50.

if you fancy trying out your cocktail making skills at home here’s the recipe for you to try!



  • 50ml bacardí oakheart

  • 25ml lime juice

  • a dash of sugar syrup



  • shaken and strained


we hope you can join us on sunday 16 august to celebrate national rum day. call the bungo on 0141 423 0023 if you’d like to make a reservation.


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